Unity and diversity in sound.

I’m having a philosophical discussion on a bbs, really interesting actually. One person is currently arguing that unity is boring and unproductive, e.g. you can’t play something with one note. My counter example was, of course, overtone instruments. I thought an example might help.

The khomus makes one sound. But by selecting overtones present in that sound, we can play melody. Similarly, various overtone flutes, seljefloyte for instance, get their scales from overtones. What this suggests to me is that unity can contain diversity. Here’s a demonstration with a dan moi. You can do similar things by holding a phone producing a dial tone next to your mouth, it just won’t be as interesting, or some electric razors, Etc. The sound at the beginning is super distorted because I got it way closer to the microphone than it needed to be, but on the up side, you can totally hear it. So you might wanna lower your volume until you figure out a good level.

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