PA Dutch and PA Dutch English!

I’m fascinated by language and sound, so this should all be perfectly natural, if you know me at all. If not, enjoy anyway.

Here are some videos of the language I grew up with, sort of. PA Dutch is a dialect of German, we didn’t learn it, my grandparents spoke it, but only when they didn’t want us to know what they were talking about. What I grew up with is now called PA Dutch English, i.e. English influenced by Pennsylvania Dutch. So we had things like, “outten” (autten), meaning to extinguish, “could you outten the lights?”, “wuntz” (wunst, vunst), meaning sort of to do something one time, but also sort of immediately, “Is your brother outside? Go look wuntz!”, “all”, “empty, gone”, “the soda’s all”, Etc. We also use yet differently, generally somewhat in the way standard English would use still, i.e. it’s continuing to occur. “Did you wash the dishes yet?” “Bob’s at the store yet.”

Here’s pretty much the accent I grew up hearing, too bad about the cars.

More PA Dutch English, followed by some actual PA Dutch.

A story about the Amish at the Grand Canyon, then more PA Dutch.

One of the things I’ve also discovered I love is auctioneering, the chant-like qualities are really nice. It’s just cool stuff when they really get going. Here they throw in some PA Dutch numbers, just to make it cooler. If you know German, you’ll recognize them. First, here’s a short clip.

The previous guy threw in more PA Dutch, but this guy really gets going towards the end!