Happy MLK day!

Just in case you were wondering if we had anymore work to do realizing the dream, welcome to the 19th century. Oh wait, no, the early 20th century I guess. Nope, come to think of it, the whole civil rights struggle was really getting ramped up in the 60s. So hell, who knows? Welcome to now then, where we still have batshit crazy people using 19th century science to bolster their racism.

Seriously? Africans have different skull sizes from white people? Really? It always amazes me how these “think for yourself” types, the type of people who are all against the man keeping them down, with his political correctness, evolution, religion, you name it, can’t be bothered to actually research or understand whatever subject they’re blathering about. Perhaps coincidentally, or maybe not, lots of them seem to really dig the hell out of discredited 19th century theories, probably because, since they haven’t done the aforementioned research, they don’t realize they’ve been discredited. So for the rest of us, enjoy this crazy window back into our batshit insane past.



2 thoughts on “Happy MLK day!

  1. Wow. I feel slimy from having read that. It’s probably not a coincidence that the current far-right code word for "I’m a racist" is "I’m a racial realist".

  2. Oh wow, really? I did not know that. It fascinates me that these people never fully apply their theories. For instance, at one point he says that Africans shouldn’t be considered heroic for being good runners, because that’s their genetics. But his whole argument is that their genetics also make them less intelligent than white people. OK, then Aristotle, Einstein, Etc. aren’t heroes either, any more than good runners from Africa are heroes. They were following their genetics, just as much as the African runners were following theirs, by his argument. That’s what I like to call, logic!

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