Cactus god.

Cactus god,
From your mouth spines,
from your mouth thorns,
Preach a nettle some word.

Cactus God,
You stabbed me when young,
Taught me a lesson,
DON’T Touch!

O you Cactus God,
Roses and cacti and holly,
Prick my skin without sleep,
Of course you don’t understand.

Sleeping Beauty was probably a fool,
Finger stung by fifteen cacti and thorns,
Do you see at all?
Of course not.

Cactus in a pot,
stab stab stab stab touch!
Did you think it loved you?
Nature is a bitch.

Oh cactus god,
preach the nettlesome word,
Mouth of thorns,
Omitting spikes for the people,
Stab the people,
Love them but teach them the hard lessons.

Nobody loves,
Nobody comes near,
Stay away!
Spikes! Spikes!
An iron ball!
Zen Buddhism you stupid bastard,
Friendless motherfucker,
Laud the spiked ball and nobody comes near.
Noone understands and everyone’s away,
Preach Cactus God,
Prickly bitch!

Cactus god,
You puked up a hedge of thorns,
Try to deny it,
Nobody should let you forget,
Though all will.

Omitting a hedge of thorns,
For ideas that come to be known,
Go do things!


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