The contents of both notebooks.

Just to complete the narcissism here, let’s cover what I was into from, oh let’s say 1989-1991. I’ll do the notebooks in order. I titled the first one.

The Book of Alal

Alal is supposedly “the destroyer” in Sumerian, according to the Simon Necronomicon. This is likely wrong, it seems far more likely that this is cognate with the Hittite/Hurrian god Alalu/Alalus. I titled it because I was forced to label it by a braille teacher. The full title is:

The Book of Alal

Runes, ogham, languages, Etc.

The contents are:

a list of rune meanings from Ralph Blum. Terrible stuff, but it’s what I started on. A list of reversed meanings, this is from tarot and likely doesn’t apply to traditional runes at all. A list of supposedly traditional rune meanings, the order is all fucked up. A list of “futhark order”, but with Anglo-Saxon rune names. Way to go Ralph Blum, you suck. Three rune layouts, with diagrams.

A list of ogham names and meanings, from Celtic Magic by D. J. Conway, I’m pretty sure. I never used these because I could never find a set of ogham. It’s just as well since, as we’ve seen from her spell, her grasp of things is pretty shaky.

A love spell from the Simon Necronomicon. I’m pretty sure the first word, “munus”, is woman, but it’s either slave woman or woman from the mountains, which one exactly escapes me at the moment. So yeah, aside from anything else about that book, I wouldn’t really trust its spells either. Research is a bitch, ain’t it? This is followed by Simon’s little Sumerian, likely Sumero-Akkadian, dictionary, which I also wouldn’t trust.

A very long list of words with meanings in various languages, painstakingly copied from etymologies in a braille dictionary.

After that is the aforementioned love spell from D. J. Conway, then a list of gods from her as well. Following that is “The Alphabet Calendar of Amergin”, a title I’ve never heard it called before, though I’m not sure where it’s from. Then the Welsh poem about Urien, and then Irish triads.

The second notebook has:

Reworkings of a couple lines I was apparently playing around with, a list of lines from Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness”, Jabberwocky, a list of letter and number pairs for a language (technically a cipher) I was making, a list of words translated into said cipher, a list of words and names (mostly of gods) translated into sequences of numbers (no idea why), diagrams of DNA bases, a chemical diagram starting with CO2 + alcohol through pyruvic acid leading to lactic acid (what is this, muscular fatigue?), a chemical diagram of photosynthesis I can’t read most of anymore, a list of gods from The Forgotten Realms DND supplement, a list of Egyptian gods, the works of Wi Hang, The Worship Festival, a long list of chemicals and their formulas, the list of random words, Things to be Pissed off About, the random poems, and the myth with God’s campfire.

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