Adventures in recording, watch me cheat!

Well, today’s adventure was getting the TranzPort working, finally finished, and rhythm rhythm rhythm! Practicing to a metronome, which I suck at, but not as much as I did. The cheating comes in because I’m going to record something I’ve sort of already done, and though unspecified, I think the challenge was to get all multi-tracky and stuff. That probably won’t happen this week, because tomorrow I have stuff in the afternoon and evening.

I don’t feel too bad about it though, I feel like I’ve actually made quite a bit of progress. It’s true I didn’t think setup would take the whole damn week, but instead of getting frustrated, my thought is, OK, it’ll happen like it happens. I know where I’m at, and instead of recording this week, it’ll be next week. I figure that’ll be fine. I’ve already got the drum I want to use picked out, so there’s the basis. What that will turn into, who knows? So it’s coming along. Sorry it won’t be this week though.

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