Things to be pissed off about.

I got sick of all those chicken soup for the soul books, apparently, and decided to write my own list of things to be pissed off about. Enjoy!

Earth is only the third planet from the sun.

Jupiter is bigger than Earth.

That damned weird color of the Sun, that fucking yellowish thing.

The damned fucking Chipmunks.

Unruly bodily secretions.

“Ggglllrrrkhkhkhrrrnnn”, will not replace, “How the fuck are you?”, as a greeting.

Saturn has those damned rings.

That fucking side of the Moon we never get to see.

God-damned idiots.

Telephone recordings.

Tough chewy meat.

Those damned annoying geese.

Y c’t r,d :, x’s 9 brl, ha ha ha. (I tried my best OK?)

Sarcastic blind authors.

Falling rocks, don’t the damn things hurt?

You can bleed.

You can breathe.

Sane people.

Things in this book you don’t understand, like “Grankivulpinsknm.”

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