The complete works of Wi Hang.

I could make up a back story for Wi Hang *Pron. we hang of course!), but why bother? It’s just something that occurred to me one day, for no particular reason that I can discern. Clearly he was intended to be Chinese. I don’t even think I’d started reading Daoist stuff at this point, though it’s possible I’d gotten hold of the Wilhelm I Ching. Two poems, the only ones that I know of, survive, to my knowledge I didn’t write anything else. That’s good because they’re a little redundant, honestly.

The first is more clearly a poem, the second seems to have started off as a story and then veered into a poem. I have no idea when I wrote this, probably when I was about fifteen or so. I do remember one other thing about it, which we’ll get to in a minute. Behold:

The Wuhu Pole and the Wiwac Tree
Wi Hang

The Wuhu Pole and the Wiwac Tree,
O what a sight to see.

We went to the Wuhu Pole and the Wiwac Tree,
With Hwili Kong
And the sailors three.

We said “wuhu” to the Wuhu Pole.
We said “wiwac” to the Wiwac Tree.
We went wandering wee.

Notes: This was the poem as I originally wrote it, the last line being clearly indebted to e. e. Cummings’ poem “In Just”.

Somebody, Justin or Henry, I can’t recall whom, suggested it was unfinished and I should add something else. I did, but reluctantly. So here’s the final, and IMO spurious, stanza.

We whipped the Wuhu Pole.
We whacked the Wiwac Tree.
We whistled wildly.
We saw God.

The second poem follows, without much comment.

Wili Wang and the Wali Walker
Wi Hang

This is the story of Wili Wang and the Wali Walker.

One day Wili Wang went to see the Wali Walker,
Because he heard that it walked Wali,
But that was just a rumor.

Wili Wang whispered to the Wali Walker,
The Wali Walker walked wearily near him,
Wili Wang asked, “what is a Wali?”,
To which the Wali Walker replied,
“Wali is walked by the Wali Walker,
And life is a joy.”
End of Part I

I guess this was supposed to be some sort of epic or something.

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