Adventures in recording.

I should warn you, these posts are going to be really boring to everybody. That’s OK though, they’re not for you, they’re for me, and maybe one other person.

A friend of mine is recording all sorts of stuff lately. So I said, yeah, I need to do that, I’ll record something next week. Well it’s next week now. I’m going for audio because I really have trouble getting into keyboard. I just don’t get that immediate hands-on reaction I get from acoustic instruments. However, I’ve decided if I’m going to seriously record something, and I don’t think it will be some sort of masterpiece or anything, I should really buckle down and make sure I’m doing it all right.

Enter playing with my recording software! And how it takes way longer than you’d think it should. Yesterday was getting the input meters working right, so I could figure out levels. Today’s adventure is supposed to be setting up the TranzPort:

That’s a wireless control gadget, and since I’ll be moving the microphone away from the computer, so as not to pick up computer noise as much as possible of course, that’ll come in handy. It should do most of the stuff I need already, but I’m pretty sure I have to add button combinations to do the keys I need to deal with reading the meters, the thing I figured out yesterday, and to reset the meters so I can read them again.

The other adventure is going to be making a windows profile exclusively for Sonar. Now I could skip this step, in theory, and just unload lots of stuff every time I decided to seriously take a shot at recording. But I’ve decided that’s not really working. Partially it’s that I forget, and also, with a separate profile, I can unload more stuff, in theory.

So these blog posts are to do two things. One is to let said friend know what in the hell’s going on, so in case it happens that I don’t actually record anything this week, they know why. Oh I’m still planning on it, don’t you worry. But there is seriously a lot more fiddly setup than I thought there would be. But as I was saying yesterday, this is actually good. Because normally what I do is wait until I have an idea to record, then get really frustrated that this one thing that should be simple takes me ages to figure out. Like the meters for instance, they changed something between software versions, so I had to ask about that and wait for somebody to explain it to me. Oh, and then I still had to figure more stuff out on my own based on their explanation, which got me roughly to the right place, heh.

The other thing is to keep me on track with progress reports, as it were. In theory this should be the last purely setup stuff. Then it’s actually recording, and anything I need to figure out from there. But I figured this might help me out. I can set a goal each day, so if tomorrow I go, damn I’m really tired, I’m skipping a day, I still can, but otherwise if I wake up and go, OK today this is what I’m going for, I can get it documented either before I start, when I’m finished, or both. This is me holding my feet to the fire, in other words. We’ll see how it goes. Now … on tot he fun of driver installation and updating and all that fun stuff like that there! Yippie!

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