The Winston Tunnel scene, via tazti!

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As the title came closer They saw at the edge of the sky fire to the south in avoidance space and rock In a spot of living fire twisting in the mean . States They did not know what it was indeed not care to learn. Space

It is said that contest fees are a matter of fewer chance And there were those who would have said that the passengers of the c ommon or not guilty are responsible for The thing that happened to them.

Was a professor of sociology Hoopla and individual ability was of no consequence The individual effort is futile That in individual conscience is the useless luxury And that is masses that count not name

The man in room at seven card number two Was a journalist who wrote that it was proper and moral to use compulsion For a good cause who believe that he had The right to unleash physical force upon others To rectify its rival in the shins strangle desires Violate convictions to Imprisoned to despoil to murder For the sake of whatever he chose to consider As his own idea of a good cause Which do not even have to be an idea Since he had never defined what he regarded As the good But it merely stated that he went by a feeling A feeling on restrained by any knowledge Since he considered a motion superior to knowledge And like solely on his own good intentions and the power of a gallon

The women who May 10 car number three Was an elderly schoolteacher who had spent her life Turning to access their class of helpless children and the misery book our By teaching them that the will of the majority is the only standard of good and evil And that a majority may do anything it pleases That they must not assert their own personalities But must do is others were doing

The man and drawing room the car number four was a newspaper publisher who believe that men were able by nature and unfit for freedom Back to basic interests If left unchecked Archer of the lion tamer one another And therefore men must be ruled by Allies robbery and murder Which must be made the school said privilege of rules For the purpose of forcing them to work Teaching them to the moral and keeping them within the bounds of order and justice

Demanding and reach car number five was a businessman who would require his business and or mine With the help of a government loan Under the equalization of opportunity pale

The man in Troy, a car number six With the finance ear when made a fortune By buying frozen railway bonds And getting his friends in Washington that the freeze them

The man in C. five car number seven was a worker who believe that he had a right to a job whether his employer one of them are not

The woman admits a scar number eight was a lecture Globally and act as a consumer She had a right to transportation weather railroad people wish to provide Internet

The men and women to card number nine was a professor of economics Whoever came to the abolition of private property Explaining that intelligence plays no part Industrial production that man’s mind is conditioned by Mr. Il tools That anybody can run a factory or railroad and it’s only a matter of seizing the machinery

The woman and injuring the car number ten was a mother when hundred children to sleep in the person of her Carefully talking them in protecting them from drafts and jolts A mother whose husband how the government job enforcing directives When she defended by saying I don’t care if it’s only the bridge that they hurt After all MS think of my children

The man who made three car number eleven was assuming the owner of a corrupt sheet vinyl plays Into which as a social message he inserted cowardly Little did seventies to the fact that all businessmen were scoundrels

The woman he met nine car number twelve was a housewife who believe that she had the right to elect politicians of whom she knew nothing to control giant industries in which she had no knowledge

Demanding better mask our number thirteen was a lawyer who had sent me a find a way to get along underneath the

The man and then to make our number fourteen was a professor of philosophy, there is no mind how do you know the titles dangerous No reality how can you prove that the public’s faith No logic how can you claim that range cannot move without motive power No principle/into the bound by the laws of cause and effect No rights why shouldn’t you attachment to their jobs by force No morality box moral about coming over El Toro No absolutes what difference does it make you have you ever die anyway The top of me know nothing quite close the orders of your superiors That would never be certain of anything how do you know you’re right But even that we must act and the expediency of the moment you don’t want to risk your job do you

The manager on the card number fifteen was an error when it aired in his fortune in which kept repeating why should they aren’t being the only one permitted to manufacture. Now

The man and better make our number sixteen was a humanitarian who would send them into the Illini I do not care what are if they are made to suffer They must be penalized support the incompetent Frankly I do not care whether this is just are not I take pride in a caring to grant any justice to the evil We’re mercy to the needy is concerned

These passengers were awake There was a man aboard the train who did not sure what are more of their ideas As the training that the title the flame of whites torch was the last thing they saunter

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