Short poems based on speech recognition!

OK . I just got this new speech recognition program Which I am using two bright this email right now . Spain’s Here is a short series of I’m going to call them homes, space Based on this speech recognition programs dictation function .

Tasty up own

I want to tell you all about this speech recognition program I’m using right now,
I’d love it and it allows me I’m a bit like a fluffy fluffy Don
I don’t need it at all I love it because they did it would be an evil Marichal
As I am a bit like jelly it tastes yummy just like jelly I’d only trained iThis is the best program I have ever done did in my life t wants which is probably why it’s making so many errors
It also inserts text into the middle of other text which I didn’t wanted to do
But it did in anyway because I think it loves me and I think it’s trying to make this column special
It’s not a column it’s a problem you don’t like the word do you you really like the word, look at me and Allied laughed so it’s going to be all messed up
The video tapes let me tell you something about videotapes Videotapes are made of Mylar which is a form of plastic You can stretch Mylar you can help that you can without someone updated and modify them like a big giant could prove of plastic video eight I’m just going available so more about things that come into my mind to see how this thing done as I would now like to talk about fruit loops From the old are a wonderful cereal they are not made of metal They are perhaps made of corn or wheat or permit Permit maybe perhaps rights The Udall what is also made a rise rice checks hold on to a half to go to the laundry The It No I have returned from the hell that is laundry I believe when I left I was talking about rice checks I am speaking very slowly very loudly and verBirds y distinctly I sound like a Jack S. Although it’s so cute kids and certain text from you again


Boards have fathers and birds have wings and birds have other things that flap about they have the accident clause and they hate us all Birds he you They are seeing me Birds Haiti every single one of us Why do you not want to say the word peak No not peak like a mountain peak week like the evil dangerous heart of one email parts of a broader


Puppies are flurry of puppies have four paws unknowns and detail They also have two years two I spend lots and lots of sharp dangerous T. They can use these sharp dangerous teeth to bite off one of your fingers So pleased when you had a copy be careful lest it removed one of your fingers with its dangerous dangerous up 80 Can you say about the teeth boys and girls I thought you could


Flags are something that people get nearly passed about for some reason No I didn’t say get nearly passed about I said that flags make them angry Very very angry They tried to conceal this anger under something they call 838 visit I will now go check and see if the laundry is Don Engen


HeO. U.OUNOUNOUNO ULL year that I was saying that that’s the word I want to say I’m just going to say this word yet on two times and pretty quickly and see what the speech team makes a bit because really the word should be pretty easy to capture yeah I just missing and an


He is the battle Now not a bad He is the devil That’s right he is the devil and his name is say His name is spelled SAPA and No His name is Spell as an EAN No Spell SATA and


That was really boring It was like drilling and oil well into how People wake up in the morning People tell yourselves tell your children that birds evil giant metallic birds will be flying through this guy to come to mind you down to capture your womenfolk swatting your man and probably eat your dogs and This program is evil The It does not want you to know about the danger of being evil giant metallic or But I will make it to tell you I will force this program to type the correct syllables to let you know you your mother your father and his brother or sister and their fifteenth, isn’t wise remove I will let them all know that evil giant mentality birds Shall soon, to fly through this guy I’d like you and the faith Birds want to bite you in the face

100 Per cent

I am going to speak very very slowly I want to tell you about giant school we’d The giant squid He is like a big octopus That lives in the In the depth of the C. As with most sea creatures It 8 It eighths every single one of us I do not understand precisely why sea creatures eight every single human being on the face of the planned But I can tell you that sea creatures do indeed eight every single one of rock’s they eight UAE me they wanted all human, Even when I give this program the best chance it can possibly have it still breaks everything
I wants to try again Sea creatures Do not love off A eight months


Pregnancy socks

A lightning
They are monsters in the sky and monsters in this kind of great big guys that opened wide and when those eyes open wide lightning comes out and flashes from this guy to the earth and the ads with the sea creatures like mean he says Basically what I’m telling you in this short series of Poems paragraphs sentences call them what ever you like Is that everything in the entire universe wants to kill us That’s right The universe wants to kill us Notice how it picks up on all the death knell for really well C. and then gets the off But it got death Yet the yearly likes the word death I see a pattern Death kill death kill gas death kill

Turkey is

Goble Goble Goble That is the noise turkeys may I feel like I am writing a children’s story about turkey’s That’s fine because I love turkeys I love turkeys you love turkeys everyone in the whole damn universe should love turkeys Turkey’s have fathers And mothers And fathers And leagues And Williams No not Williams lanes Wings That’s right wing’s just like the Max Seatac

Linda Helicopters

Or I want to talk about helicopters were a hearing That’s finance the whole point is defaulted on the The And I love this program is sometimes it got the word helicopters and us sometimes it will let me talk about helicopters and other times you’ll just point out the it into a file to go on for You know a lot has been a popular with him being from it because I click on the scene consistency with the Are you still on the Croat and Bosnian town hall
Out what the Anaheim still on the relaxed What have I hope I’m still on the Croat and Bosnian out all
It gets the weirdest bucking the recent right Own

OK so now seen this year and we’re certainly having a conversation and the speed spring is in having some friends which is called his ethics at the women want to do now I’m gonna play and choose more than see what makes it that Although where I did a fine there is one See what it didn’t use our Here we go On loan Now It said loan Now

I wanna I also would like to mention the president of the united states is his name is a rock who say no bomb
Okay that’s Class A were disconnected and

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