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Your plant-based fabric softener still kills.

I should say “our” plant-based fabric softener. We’re trying one. That’s cool, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against it whatsoever. As an animist though, I have to question some of its logic. The big thing is that it uses plant-based softener… Continue reading

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[khomus] Re: I’m not “religious”, I’m “spiritual”!

I’d just like to add, I don’t care so much that you call yourself spiritual. I’ll just think you’re a little dopey and kind of misguided. Where this does bother me is in descriptions of actions and such, e.g. “meditation isn’t religious, it’s spir… Continue reading

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I’m not “religious”, I’m “spiritual”!

Bullshit. And here’s why. People like to use this, I’d love to know when it started BTW, to mean something like this. “You religious people have churches and temples and whatever, and get together in groups, and do things as an institution.” Often… Continue reading

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Why don’t people like Ayn Rand?

I have no earthly idea, myself. Her analyses always seem so coherent. For instance, here she is discussing Zen Buddhism. If all the manufacturers of railroad engines suddenly went irrational and began to manufacture covered wagons instead, nobody … Continue reading

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