I want some Enkhbat!

Enkhbat is, well was since I think she’s no longer with us which is just sad, a really awesome Mongolian singer. Attached is an mp3 of one of her songs, “The Ballad of the Soldier’s wife”, which is totally awesome. It’s got some distortion, I had to record the Voice of Mongolia stream and convert it from real audio, so what do you expect? The distortion isn’t the biggest problem though.

The stupid Australian talks over half the song! This is seriously a totally beautiful song, and he ruins it. Sure, OK, he’s trying to give us interesting cultural information, so he gets some points, and then he immediately destroys everything by not knowing when to shut up. Here’s some Enkhbat that’s not talked over, and it too is really amazing.

Nice yatgan solo to open this one.

Anyway, magical internet people, if you can track anything down, let me know.

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