The rest of the survey, I broke posterous, woo!

OK, apparently Posterous has some sort of length limit, so here’s the rest that got cut off.


Favorite day of the week?

Tuesday through Friday. At least they’re dedicated to some decent
gods. Go look it up. Probably Friday though because it’s dedicated to
Freyja, or Frig depending on who you read but they got confused a lot
anyway, and she’s … go look it up.


How many states have you lived in?

Probably an infinite number.


Diamonds or pearls?

Oh yeah, a woman wrote this! In case it wasn’t totally obvious by
now. Seriously, who the hell cares? Diamonds are basically crystallized
pencil lead and pearls are the oyster equivalent of dirt in your shoe.
This survey has less depth than a puddle. Nothing about what changed
your life? Favorite books, music, that kind of thing? No. Just, what
pointless trinkets do you happen to like? Why not just go all the way
and make it into some sort of throwaway song? I like my burgers spicy
and I like diamonds ‘cuz they be mo blingy, fo shizzle! Yeah, I ruined
the damn fun. I’m like that. Deal.

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