Science is done by people, shocker!

Here’s a pretty interesting article.…

What it says to me.

1. Science is done by people. It ain’t infallible kids.

2. We really do take a lot of science on faith, contrary to what atheists/skeptics like to think. I’ve always contended we have to, because none of us can replicate everything. So when physicists say that quantum stuff does whatever, we have to take their word for it, essentially.

So do other scientists, it turns out. And this article casts doubt on the typical response, no it’s not faith because we have lots of evidence that the process works. Even if we get it wrong now, it will improve. If this guy’s doubtful his findings will get everybody to do a better job, well, there you go then. Apparently people have suspected this for years and haven’t said anything, for all the usual reasons, politics, not wanting to challenge the profession, Etc.

I’m not trying to suggest here that we throw out science because it’s all bullshit, or that science hasn’t helped us, or that we haven’t learned all sorts of things from it. But I am suggesting that it should make you wonder about the things we’ve tossed out because of it, the things we think are unworthy of investigation, and the almost unassailable belief that it’s all way betterer than the evil witchcraft and superstition of old. Maybe we want to rethink those categories and that dichotomy a bit.

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