Inside the minds of ghosts.

Here’s some more guitar noise. If you don’t like drony evolving soundscapes, you’ll hate this. Holy fucking music critics Batman! What the hell’s a drony evolving soundscape anyway? Basically it means that it’ll drone, which means if you don’t listen closely it’ll sound pretty much the same. But bits of stuff pop out here and there.

Basically what I did is take a slide, glass for those of you who are curious, tuned into open G, (whatever the key actually is), and ran it very slowly over the strings with varying pressures and distances. I had some effects, distortion and a delay. What I was trying to get is a drone, the long delay would sustain the slide movements. It came out more discontinuous than I really wanted so I might have to play with it some more. Part of that is me trying different techniques, the slow movement is a lot easier to pull off along the neck, as opposed to over the body, at least for me this first time.

Note that I didn’t pluck anything, this is all just the slide moving along the length of the strings. Anything that sounds like plucking is probably my left hand getting off track and causing the edge of the slide to essentially pluck one of the strings. There are some nice effects in here, I particularly like how sometimes you’ll have a drone with the high strings suddenly popping out of nowhere. So more experimentation. I called it Inside the Minds of Ghosts, in case that doesn’t show up.

I didn’t try to do any hammer ons with the slide, though some probably got in, the whole point was to generate sound solely from the slide moving along the length of the strings. I’m stressing this because I screwed it up a lot throughout, because I’m not very good with slide yet, heh. But if you think of the vibrato technique for slide, it’s basically that, only slower mostly, with no sharp attack to start off. And in case nobody’s wondering, yes I intend to post some more folky acoustic stuff. Probably jew’s harp next, I think.

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