Doshpuluur solo.

The doshpuluur , mine anyway, is a three-stringed lute from Tuva. The number of strings can vary from two to four, I think. They can also be fretted but are traditionally fretless, as mine is which you can hear from the slides I do. This isn’t at all what you’d normally hear in Tuvan playing, that’s the strumming near the end. Clearly I need to work a lot on my traditional playing, heh.

Part of that is technique, strings are probably one of my weaker instruments, so I haven’t gotten the emphasis down for particular strings, on the strumming the high string should come out a lot more, and some of the techniques for transitioning, I hold a note a while to try to get my hand in position to do higher notes and I mess it up anyway, so more practice, woo!

There are a few messed up bits of the solo here and there but overall I like it. It’s not bad, especially since I pretty much made it up while I went along, after figuring out the basic place I wanted to work out of. Sort of an Arabic sounding kind of thing, it’s probably some sort of mode or other but I haven’t figured out which, shhh, don’t tell anybody! I figured since I put up some more Cynthy stuff and made claims of doing much more traditional acoustic stuff, I’d finally share some of that too.

Of course this isn’t really traditional, but eh, what can you do? I was playing around and found the solo, so there you have it. Maybe if you’re, well let’s be charitable and call it lucky, I’ll put up some other instruments. Various sorts of flutes and jew’s harps are my big thing, jew’s harp especially, so I should put some of that up anyway.