Fuck you, box!

Fuck you, box!
My skin was tougher!
I saw you there,
Thin, sharp, lusting,
You wanted blood!
Fuck you, box!

Fuck you, box!
My skin, one,
Your cardboard, zero!
Fuck you, box!

Fuck you, box!
Your edge slid along my fingers,
O box, you wanted to slash me with a paper cut!
Box, next time you should do better!
Maybe if you had serrated edges, maybe then blood for you,
But not this time,
Fuck you, box!

Fuck you, box!
Why are there pills in you anyway?
Pills belong locked up in jars!
Or sealed in a flask with wax,
Like the apothecaries of old!
Fuck you, box!

Fuck you, box!
You may be biodegradable,
But you are stale and tasteless,
Like the wafer body of Jesus!
Oh technicians of the future,
Give me a double-layered box,
Filled, yes filled I say!
Filled with chocolate cream like an Oreo cookie!
Then if you box,
If you enrage me and I bite you with my teeth,
You will be worthwhile somehow.
Fuck you, box!

Fuck you, box!
Did you think you were alone?
Guess again, stupid box!
I also have a cold.
Fuck you, box!

Fuck you, box!
And fuck you cold,
You expected a switch there didn’t you?
The box shall not escape so easily.
Fuck you, box!

Fuck you, box!
And fuck you stupid cold,
For keeping me awake,
You’re going to ruin my sleep for days,
Stupid son of a bitch.
Fuck you, box!


Nothing to do with Christmas, everything to do with synthesizers!

I want to warn you, if you don’t like synthesizers, shrieking swooping feedback, the electronic equivalent of the metal guitar solo, then stay the hell away from this post.

OK, now that I’ve got the rest of you following along, I was messing around with a synthesizer, go figure. That low rumbly drone at the beginning was supposed to hold through the whole thing, but it didn’t. That makes it a bit disconnected but it doesn’t really matter, since I was just totally fucking around. I wasn’t going for anything here, I didn’t care if I messed up the rhythm or whatever, this was just pure fucking around with sound. So enjoy about sixteen minutes of total random experiment.

Crazy, crazy, and more crazy!

You might know about Time Cube If you don’t, what are you waiting for? Go check it out! Don’t be educated stupid anymore!

You might even know about Francis E. Dec! If not, here are some Audio recordings of his rants, made by somebody else. They’re definitely worth checking out as well.

Fine, you might know about both of those crazy crazy gentlemen. But do you know about Basil Marceaux.com? That’s how he continually refers to himself, Basil Marceaux.com. He’s running for governor of Tennessee, or maybe senate, or maybe both, I have no earthly idea! He wants to repeal gun permits, and I think he believes himself to be a member of an organization that started in 1866 and ended soon after. He’s against some sort of slavery, your guess is as good as mine, and oh, did I mention he’s a Marine? He is, and i quote here, PROTECT AND DEFEND OATH FOR LIFE HOLDER. Just go check it out, I can’t really do it justice.