Carter Family chords and lyrics.

Most of you who read this and have an interest won’t really need it, but I like stuff like this. I’ll have enough trouble muddling through trying to learn the Carter scratch, i.e. the picking style, that I don’t need to waste extra time just figuring out the chords. Sure I’m lazy, you’re just now noticing? Shame on you for being so unobservant.

I didn’t know this but apparently all three original members of the group played guitar, and they played in different styles. Homespun has a DVD out I just might have to snag in the near future, since it seems like a fun style to learn. In “Guitar for the Absolute Beginner”, Happy Traum doesn’t introduce it until the third CD, I believe. I’m not sure why, because it seems easier than his two or three finger picking stuff he introduces earlier. Sure the bass runs are harder, doing the melody is tricky, but no reason why he couldn’t start with alternating bass and just build from there. Anyway, here’s chords and lyrics and all that.

Oh and here’s a link to the Homespun DVD, go buy it if you’re interested in this stuff, because it sounds fascinating. They even have a download system now, though I need to look into pestering the makers to see if it can be made screen reader friendly.

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