Extemporaneous about birds.

Stork, stork, stork!
Nut hatch, hatching nuts,
Open the mind, if the mind is a nut,
Caesura, hearpe! Old English,
Very old, lost to most,
Oh heron will you skim the waters?

Will you look, diving for lost fish?
Oh greedy bastard!
Skim the surface, all you know,
Fish on the surface, skinny bony meal!

Oh hawk, holding wings steady,
Steady on thermals, no wet feathers,
Wet feathers, hawk flies to ground,
Crash! Crash poor hawk!
Live with your chicks in the mess of bits of meat for a while!

O eagle!
Stupid, stupid, stupid bird!
Arrows in one claw, branch in another!
Witless bitch, ken ye what it means at all anywise?

Redbreast, Robbin, what do you say of them?
Stupid birds to fly so high, likely to get hurt!
Look, rocks, mountains, if I crash soft grasses!

Robbin, redbreast, have you never read Zhuangzi?
Stupid old China man, had a point.
Fish fuck fish, deer fuck deer,
Humans fuck humans, who knows what’s fuckable?
As he said, who fixes the standard of beauty?

O birds! You fly, you sing,
Sing we say though ’tis nonsense to us,
Oh stupid twitterings, we pretend!
Be Sigurd, eat heart of dragon,
Win cursed gold and tell me one sensibility of a bird’s song,
Stupid wretch, your father drunk on poison mead!

“Strain it through your mustache”,
Did you hear him?
Clearly you heard, and did his command just so,
Fell down dead like a log,
Tell me hero, oh man of might,
Where’s your stupid bird council then?

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