Your child might be into shamanism, oh nos!


The phin pia.

I wanted to get this link somewhere before I lost it, so here’s this nice video of a phin pia. It’s a type of zither from Thailand that’s played mostly with harmonics and is very quiet, this thing must be amplified to hell and back, but for once it hasn’t totally wrecked the sound. It’s too damn bad the only one I can find it super expensive. Oh well.

In case everybody missed why I’m deleting my Facebook account.

I suddenly realized it was going to deactivate my account ,so people probably can’t see my last note. So here’s the gist of it anyway.

Reason 3572385 I want to cockpunch Facebook. I’m using miranda. I want to use
it to do FB chat, which it supports. So I start setting up my account, it asks
for a username. I start typing in my email address. Nope, it doesn’t like
that. So I give it my real name. Nope, still no dice. So I give it the first
part of my email address, nope. Finally I have a revelation. Ah ha, I think
to myself, I never set a username on FB, and I bet that’s what it wants!

Off I go to Facebook! Is it in profile? No it’s not in profile. Is it in
account? Nope, not there either, but we’re closer! I see account settings, I
click on it. Joy! I see a username! I click on the username! Whereupon, I
receive the following stunningly brilliant information, quoted directly from
the stupidity that is Facebook.

Before you can set your username, you need to verify your account.

If you have a mobile phone that can receive SMS message, you can
verify via mobile phone.
If not, please try to register your username at a later time.

Why the fuck would I try that, Facebook? What, will you have a new plan then?
Before you can register a username you need to verify your acount. If you have
a mouth that can blows people, you can fly to headquarters and make blowjob for
CEO. If not, please try to register your username later. Now I’m going to
click the continue button that shows up, just to see what happens. Hey look!
I can confirm my phone!

Do you fucking know what, Facebook? I am a real human being, with no mobile
phone whatsoever. I do not want a mobile phone. I have no use for a mobile
phone. The fact that you require me to have one before I can do something on
your site makes you truly retarded on a scale that’s difficult for me to
comprehend, let alone express. Fuck you, Facebook.