Electronica minimalist nightmare.

Wow, it’s another new blog. I’m going to assume you all know who I am by this point, if not, oh well, you’ll find out. I don’t do shit halfway. So instead of mailing one audio file and getting a little player, I figure, what the hell, let’s beat on posterous and see what happens!

I’m generally a pretty hardcore folky traditionalist, but every once in a while, I like to go all Steve Reich and Phillip Glass experimental, just because. Hence the electronica title of this post. I present to you, in all its itness, The Cookie Project!

Here’s the file order, because I don’t know what Posterous will do with all of these. John, Planets Revolving In Space, Howling Harmonic Stridulations, and recompressed. On to the story!

John is a sample somebody, not me, recorded from Days of Our Lives. John Black is talking to some kid and utters this here dorky quote. So I think to myself, self, what happens if we slow this way the fuck down? That gives us our next file, Planets Revolving in Space. I called it that because it sort of sounds like that old warbling sound they used to use in cartoons to represent planets in space. At this point you can still sort of tell it’s human speech, even though it’s like 6 minutes long, the original is 7 seconds. you can even understand it, if you pay very close attention.

That wasn’t good enough for me, so I decided, let’s go for broke, and slowed it down a whole bunch more. That gives us Howling Harmonic Stridulations, which is about 70 minutes of complete crazy. If you want a sample and get bored listening to the whole thing, skip forward to about 21 minutes in and listen to the crazy machine noise it breaks down into for a bit. Don’t worry, I’ve never managed to sit through the whole thing either. At this point, identifying it as human speech is difficult, though somebody actually managed it. I’m sure some of the effects are distortions from the low sample rate of the original. But the point isn’t necessarily to see what gets done to human speech per se, if I wanted to do that I’d just record something of much higher quality and run it through the same process. The point was to see what happened to this particular sample.

In case you don’t believe me that this is speech, recompressed is that 70 some minute file, sped back up until it’s the original seven seconds. The speech is screwed up but pretty intelligible, especially if you’ve heard the original sample. Enjoy the craziness!